Monday, July 14, 2008

Gamblers enriching state coffers even as it destroys some of their lives

According to an article in the 07/09/08 Daily News, New York State takes in more than 10% of all state sponsored gambling revenue nationwide, and it makes up 2.9% of the State's total budget.

New York State has run a state lottery since 1967, and racinos were legalized in 2001with the first one opening at Saratoga in 2004, and one at Batavia's very own Batavia Downs.

With the increase in State sponsored gambling and the casinos run by the Indian tribes, compulsive gambling problems affect more New Yorkers destroying their lives, the lives of their families and creating problems in their communities such as embezzelment and bankruptcies.

GCASA offers prevention and treatment services for gambling. It is estimated that compulsive gambling affects 1 - 3% of the population which means that as many as 3,000 people could be suffering from compulsive gambling problems in Genesee and Orleans counties.

Here is the article entitled "Gamblers enriching state coffers"

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