Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Genesee County Drug Free Communities Coalition recognizes members for their good work at its meeting on 09/23/08

Maryann Bowman, GCASA's Director of Prevention, recognized some of the members of Genesee Counties Drug Free Communities coalitions for their contributions and good work.

She recognized members of the Senior Advisory Committee: Reyburn Campbell, Helen Batchellor, Jean and Gary Johnson, and the late Paul West.

Maryann also recognized Jeannie Burdick, an Adjunct Professor and Personal Counselor at Genesee Community College, Dawn Zeh, Genesee County Career & Job Development Bureau & concerned parent, and Heidi Meides-Judge and Batavia High School Substancer Abuse Counselor.

Congratulations to the recognition recipients! Video lasts 5:33

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