Thursday, September 24, 2009

Financial resources for substance abuse services stagnant

It has been over a decade since GCASA has had any increase in deficit financing from the counties it primarily serves, Genesee and Orleans, or from State Government. In fact, GCASA has had significant decreases in County deficit funding over this decade, 50% in Orleans County from about $77,000 in 2001 down to $36,000 in 2003 and ever since. Similarily there have decreases in deficit funding from Genesee County from about $40,000 in 2001 down to $32,000 currently.

There has been no increase in reimbursement rates for a unit of service in our clinics in over a decade while costs have continued to increase significantly over the same time.

How has GCASA continued to increase its service activities? Simply by more efficient management and an increase in productivity. In 1999, GCASA had about 500 admissions that year. In 2008 GCASA had 1100 admissions.

It has now come to the point where there is no more fat in the system. Without further resources, GCASA will have to cut into muscle and decrease services. The agency itself is in good financial health because of good management, but its ability to meet the needs of the community is increasingly compromised because of inadequate public financial support.

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