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DUI crashes and deaths across US March 15 - March 28, 2010

From Hub Pages:em> DUI deaths and crashes March 15 - 28, 2010 across the United States. Can you imagine if these were terrorist caused deaths what the national response would be?

Shepherd, MT -- Mar. 15 (Update) -- Woman Admits Causing Death of 10 Year Old Daughter
Woman takes cold medicine to go to sleep but changes mind to go to dinner a few miles away. She has a few drinks and refuses to be driven home by friend. One mile from restaurant while heading home she accidentally crashes her minivan and both were thrown from vehicle when it rolled several times. Daughter dies at the scene.
Billings Gazette

Billings, MT -- Mar. 16 (Update) -- Man Gets DUI The Day After Daughter Kills Another w DUI
Daughter accused of killing another and is released for treatment. The next day father is arrested for DUI at 0.29 blood level (over 3.5 times the legal limit).
Billings Gazette

Tampa Bay, FL -- Mar. 16 (Update) -- Trial Begins for DUI Manslaughter
Minivan hits Jeep from behind causing Jeep to go airborne. After lands and rolls driver is pinned underneath and dies. Driver had level of 0.234 blood alcohol level.
Tampa Bay Online

Daytona Beach, FL -- Mar. 17 (Update) -- Man Pleads No Contest in DUI from Feb.
Man kills passenger and injuries 3 others in collision.
Daytona Beach News Journal

Orange County, CA -- Mar 17 -- Man Driving at Excessive Speeds Hits Another Vehicle Killing Driver
Man driving in excess of 100 mph on a toll road hits SUV launching driver from vehicle thereby killing other driver.
The Orange County Register

Sacaton, AZ -- Mar. 17 -- Man Gets 41 Months After DUI Resulting in Death of 12 Year Old
Man with a 0.14 alcohol level loses control of vehicle and crashes. Kills 12 year old passenger.
AZ Central

Huntington Beach, CA -- Mar. 18 -- Man Kills Passenger In Single Vehicle Accident
Man loses control of vehicle and hits tree. Female passenger dies hours later. Today he was sentenced to 16 months of jail.
Orange Country Local News Network

Chicago, IL -- Mar. 18 (Update) -- Man Hits 6 Year Old Girl in Median
Man hits a girl standing in the median of a road (with her aunt). He was high on marijuana and cocaine.
Fox News - Chicago

Huntsville, AL -- Mar. 18 -- Senior Driver Hits and Kills Local Marine Soldier
71 year old man driving in the wrong lane strikes an oncoming vehicle. Male Marine soldier and family dog die as a result of crash. Wife is in stable but critical condition.

Tacoma, WA -- Mar. 18 -- Man Side Swipes Vehicle Killing Infant
Man runs red light and side swipes another vehicle and flees scene. Today he pleaded guilty in court to vehicular homicide, DUI, and felony hit and run.

St. Ignace, MI -- Mar. 19 -- Man Sentenced for Death of Three Women
Man hits and kills three women attending a family reunion. Gets 15 years of jail. This was his third DUI.
Channel 13 - WZZM

San Diego, CA -- Mar. 19 -- Bartender Pleads Guilty to Fatal DUI Crash
Bartender with a 0.15 blood alcohol level rear ends another vehicle causing it to catch fire and other driver burns to death. Sentencing to be in May and up to 10 years of jail time may result.
10 News

Martinsburg, WV -- Mar. 19 -- Man Kills Woman in Vehicle Accident
Man hits another woman's vehicle head on. She dies on scene.
The Herald-Mail

Lexington, KY -- Mar. 21 -- Man Appears in Court for DUI and Death of January Collision
Man to appear in court after driving in wrong lane with headlights off. He sideswipes one vehicle and then hits a second vehicle head on killing driver.
Lex 18

New Haven, CT -- Mar. 23 -- Man Gets 3 Years After Killing Brother in DUI
Man with a blood alcohol level of 0.176 accidentally kills brother. Driver had many drinks and lands his Jeep into water thereby causing his brother to drown.
New Haven Register

Denver, CO -- Mar. 23 -- On Duty Police Officer Gets DUI
Several people see a police car driving erratically and call police who pulls over on duty cop.
Oklahoma City Injury Board

Las Vegas, NV -- Mar. 25 (Update) -- Second Postponement of Trial for Man Killing Teen UNLV Student
Man while intoxicated kills 18 year old student of UNLV back in April 2009. Judge grants second postponement of man under house arrest but won't grant a third.
Las Vegas Sun

Chicago, IL -- Mar. 25 -- Man Gets DUI 13 Years After DUI Resulting in a Death
Man gets a charge of DUI. He was found guilty back in 1997 of DUI resulting in a death by electrocution of his passenger.
Chicago Tribune

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