Thursday, September 27, 2012

Controlled Substance Licensure

“Recent genetic studies and technologies have improved our ability to monitor brain activity and have enabled a greater understanding of how the addictive brain behaves.  These efforts have made it possible to develop more effective medications for treating addictions.” (The Addiction Recovery Guide, 2/9/12). 

In lieu of the above, addiction residential treatment programs are experiencing a growing trend in the need for careful medication monitoring and management of controlled medications.  Due to this trend, the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Narcotics mandated that "all addiction residential facilities come into compliance regarding policies and procedures set forth by this governing body". 

In preparation and ultimate granting of this license, GCASA's Atwater Home Community Residence created a more systematic and secure process of controlling, monitoring, storing  and disposal of  these medications.  All Atwater Home Community Residence employees are trained specifically in the protocol for managing controlled medications. A system of accountability is in place and although at times it is burdensome and time consuming, it has proven useful in mitigating errors.   

The Bureau of Narcotics was very helpful in assisting with this process and were available for consultation up to the time of their final inspection.  On May 25th 2012, the Atwater Home Community Residence received a Controlled Substance Licensure.  Director of Clincial and Residential Services John Walker and Assistant Director of Residential Services Mary Beth Pace effectively lead the residential team of staff through the education, design and implemetation process.  Their leadership and the dilegent work of staff resulted in a Two-year License. 


Dean Sunseri said...

This is an interesting interaction between a governing body and treatment facility. This facility is concerned about patient welfare, and the governing body is guarding the general public, and this sometimes creates a conflict.

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