Friday, January 23, 2009

GCASA clinic payment sources

In 2008, GCASA produced 17,474 treatment units in its operations in Genesee and Orleans Counties.

Of these treatment units the payment sources were as follows:

51% were Medicaid
33% were self pay
17% were Third Party.

In 2008, 42 people in Genesee County who were self pay were identified as possibly being eligible for Medicaid. Of these 7 were lost to service, 21 were denied, and 14 enrolled in Medicaid. This is very significant because people who are in self pay bring in about $120.00 for Phase I treatment, and people with Medicaid bring in $1547.00 for the same services. Therefore, the Treatment Program gained 19,978.00 by getting these clients enrolled in Medicaid.

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