Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GCASA's other than personal services almost half the average

As was written about yesterday, Coordinated Care Services Inc., the nonprofit management services company in Rochester, NY recently did an analysis of GCASA's financial operation. Yesterday, we described the personal service cost and benefit costs per units of service and today we are describing what is called OTPS, other than personal services, costs per unit of service.

The average OTPS cost is $11.00 with the highest among the 10 comparable agencies at $20.00 per unit. GCASA's OTPS cost per unit of service in both Genesee and Orleans counties is $6.00 almost half the average.

Other than personal services are expenses such as equipment, supplies, postage, etc.

Once again GCASA is thrifty and frugal in its operations and the taxpayers are getting excellent value for their expenditures.

Here is a graph depicting the findings.


Anonymous said...

What about toilet paper? Do staff have to bring in their own?

Anonymous said...

Ur doin lots of braggin pal. I think gasa sucks. they just want yur mony

Anonymous said...

How do you guys do it? You people are saints dealing with people everyone else treats with scorn and disdain. You remind me of St. Francis and the lepers.

I hold you and your work in my prayers. God bless you and your work.