Monday, June 15, 2009

The GCASA Story - Training the next generation of Substance Abuse Professionals

GCASA does a lot of great things which makes it unique in the substance abuse field. I am starting a new category on this blog today tagged "The GCASA Story". Articles with this tag will describe the innovative practices which GCASA has developed.

Our first story has to do with our internship progam which GCASA has developed and implemented not only to contribute back to the field but to also recruit and attract potential employees for GCASA's workforce.

During the 2008 - 2009 academic school year, GCASA has hosted 9 interns from 6 different colleges and universities. GCACA has provided internships for a diverse group of students from Master's level Social Work students to Associate level students in human services.

GCASA has had 9 different staff serve has field instructors for these students for which they can earn up to a $500.00 stipend per semester for providing the field instruction.

There are 13 current GCASA staff who were formerly students at GCASA.

While other substance abuse agencies, especially in rural areas, find it hard to attract and retain highly qualified staff, GCASA has been very blessed to have excellent staff, many of whom received their training at GCASA.

GCASA can also be very proud of having trained many staff who go on to serve at other agenices in the field. Hopefully, GCASA has provided an important and beneficial influence on their professional identity.

I want to thank all our staff for welcoming and supporting interns, but especially the field instructors who contribute so much back to the field in training the upcoming generation of professionals.

Our current field instructors are :

Mary Beth Pace
Lynette Lex
Norma Miller
John Walker
Maryann Bowman
Roxanne Muoio
Linda Ackley
Jeff Gray
David Markham

This is article #1 in a series on The GCASA Story.

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