Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ralph Dollinger, Sr. in memoriam

Yesterday, June 9, 2009, JoAnn Ryan and I went to Ralph Dollinger, Sr.'s funeral at St. Joseph's Church in Albion, NY where Ralph had been baptized, married, and was a life long member. Ralph was 78 when he died on June 4, 2009.

Ralph and Joyce Dollinger are GCASA's landlords in Albion, NY where our Clinic is located. They have been GCASA's landlords since GCASA started providing services there in 1999.

Ralph was a good landlord. We would call me every couple of months and ask how things were going. He promptly arranged for repairs.

Ralph is one of those people who have touched my life and he will be missed by many who loved him and did business with him.

Ralph started his career as a car salesman for Duryea Ford in Holley and then Brockport and Ralph started his own GM dealership in Brockport from 1967 - 1982. Ralph was always helpful, genuinely friendly, and benefited from return business of satisfied customers who had come to like and respect him.

Ralph will be remembered well by me and the other people who knew him at GCASA. It is significant to say that your life has been blessed by people and I have been very blessed by Ralph being in my life and GCASA's.

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