Monday, June 7, 2010

Are You As Smart As Smart As A Substance Abuse Professional?

Mr. Johnson comes for an evaluation having been referred by his primary care physician. Mr. Johnson states that he usually drinks a 12 pack of beer evey evening when he comes home from work. Mr. Johnson states that he doesn't share his physician's concern that alcohol may be a problem for him because he goes to work every day and has never had a DWI. According to the model developed by Prochaska and DiClemente, Mr. Johnson:

A. Is probably in the pre-contemplation, the first stage of change.

B. Is in denial

C. Is functional and managing his drinking well.

D. Has no reason to be concerned about his drinking at this time because it still is within acceptable societal norms.

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To learn more about Prochaska and DeClemente's model, click here.

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David G. Markham said...

The correct answer is A.