Thursday, April 21, 2011

Le Roy elementary school gets high marks for character education

This photo was published with Tom Rivers' article, "Le Roy elementary honored for character education," in The Daily News on Monday.

Principal Casey Kosiorek (pictured) and Wolcott St. School (W.S.S.) in Le Roy were recently honored for the great work they'be been doing in the field of character education in the last 12 years. Earlier this month, the Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges in Troy recognized W.S.S. as one of five "Emerging Schools of Character." This was the second consecutive year the school received this honor.

Among the wonderful programs they have are an anti-bullying program, a "Catching Kids Being Good" policy and community service projects such as "Pennies for Peace," (see my March 30 article on The Batavian for more info on that).

Kosiorek and the W.S.S. staff work hard to provide a positive learning environment for their students. Schools such as this, in my estimation, form a very important part of our community's efforts to raise children who are more likely to steer clear of drugs, alcohol abuse, and other problem behaviors.

Please click here to read Rivers' full article.

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