Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Increase in cigarette tax leads to more quit attempts by New York smokers

Increasing the cigarette tax is a huge success in that it has given many New York State smokers incentive to make a quit attempt. This is a good thing for their health and for our society.

As a public health strategy, decreasing access to toxic substances by increasing their costs, decreases the prevalence of substance abusing behaviors and improves the health of a community.

All OASAS licensed facilites must be tobacco free by July 24, 2008. GCASA went tobacco free on April 1, 2008. In the last 2 months, 99% of clients,and visitors, and 100% of staff have been in compliance. This is a tremendous change in making our community healthier and drug free. Thanks to everyone for all your efforts and sacrifices.

This article is from Monday, June 16, 2008, Daily News. Click on the image to enlarge it for easier reading.

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