Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pre-Trial Release Program in Genesee County saves county taxpayers almost 4 million dollars per year.

Genesee Justice, currently under the direction of Ed Minardo, has a long history of restorative justice and pre-trial release programs. One of the most important is called the RUS program. RUS is an acromym for Released Under Supervision. People who meet certain criteria are released prior to trial to be supervised by Genesee Justice.

It costs $86.00 per day to keep a male in jail in Genesee County. Genesee County does not have jail facilities for females so they are usually incarcerated in Orleans County for per diem rate of $70.00 per day after a base annual fee of $15,000.00.

As of 02/27/08 Genesee Justice was monitoring 129 defendants (101 males and 28 females.) If these defendents would have been incarcerated it would have cost Genesee county taxpayers $8,686.00 per day for the males, and $1,960.00 per day for the females.

The RUS program saves Genesee County Taxpayers $3,885,790.00.

As of 02/27/08, this caseload of defendants was supervised by one case manager costing $32,000.00 in salary plus fringe benefits.

For more information about the Genesee Justice Pre-trial release program, you can contact Ed Minardo at 585-344-2550 x2465

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