Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Drugs kill - 19 Year old Geneseo College Student found dead from alcohol poisoning on March 1, 2009

19 year old Geneseo student found dead on March 1, 2009 from alcohol poisoning.

From March 2, 2009 Democrat and Chronicle:

New York State Police today said a 19-year-old college student found dead yesterday morning had consumed a large quantity of alcohol and was pledging a “drinking club.”

State Police Maj. Mark Koss said between 20 and 30 people attended a party Saturday night at 4359 Lower Court St. in Geneseo, where Arman Partamian, a sophomore at the State University College at Geneseo, died. He was found dead yesterday morning in the house by another Geneseo student.

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Ironically, I had tried two years ago to get Livingston County in which Geneseo is located to participate in GCASA's Tip Line program and they rejected our offer saying that the Sheriff's office already operates a Tip Line.

To read more about GCASA's Tip Line, click here.

This is article #7 in a series on Drugs Kill.


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