Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drugs killed two innocent children 16 years ago today

16 years ago today, March 10, 1993, a 3 time DWI offender killed Brigid Kathleen Markham age 5, and Ryan John Patrick Markham age 8 on Rt. 31 between Brockport and Spencerport, NY. If they were alive today Brigid would be 21 and Ryan would be 24.

David Markham, their father, is the Executive Director of GCASA. They are survived by their mother, Angela, and 7 siblings: 2 brothers, Michael and Joseph, and 5 sisters, Katie, Kelly, Colleen, Mary, and Maureen. They would be the sister and brother in law to Paul, Diane, Will, Greg, Rodney and another Paul. They would be the aunt or uncle to Haley, Aeris, Annelise, Aidan, Rowan, Rory, Caleb, Sophie, Ella, Atticus, Donavan, and John Patrick.

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