Friday, March 27, 2009

Western New York continues to see a drop in census.

Upstate New York continues to loose population according to U.S. Census bureau as reported in the Daily News on 03/19/09.

Genesee county population dropped from 58,133 in July of 2007 to 57,821 in July of 2008 a loss of 312 people or 0.5%.

Orleans county population dropped from 42,308 in July of 2007 to 42,135 in July of 2008 for a loss of 173 people or 0.4%.

There were similar losses in Niagara, Erie, and Wyoming counties.

The losses seem to stem from the loss of manufacturing jobs and college graduates seeking employment in the South and East.

There is no immediatiate impact on GCASA. GCASA's primary service area of Genesee and Orleans Counties is about 100,000 people. About 1% or 1,000 people are admitted to treatment services at GCASA every year. 90% are from Genesee and Orleans Counties.

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