Saturday, May 9, 2009

Breweries and distilleries make millions on underage drinking

According to an article in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol published in 2006 and written by Miller, TR, Levy, DT, Spicer, RS & Talyor, DM entitled "Societal Costs of underage drinking" in 2005 16.5 % of all alcohol sold in New York State was consumed by underage drinkers. Out of a total of 1.7 billion in alcohol sales, this accounts for $834 million which breweries and distillers made on underage drinking in New York State.
Is it any wonder that beef and alcohol advertisements are made with youth in mind?

I call it "the insidious assault on our youth".

What in the world is drinkability?

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Anonymous said...

What do we do Dave? How do we make people safe?
Beer ads do glorify drinking from Budweiser to Genesee beer. Should all ads be banned?