Thursday, May 14, 2009

Satellites contribute to excellent service delivery in rural counties and GCASA leads the way.

For a rural substance abuse agency in Western New York State, GCASA is very innovative and has done many innovative things. These things are not rocket science, but they do add up to excellent service delivery.

Serving Genesee and Orleans Counties with a combined population of 100,000 people transportation becomes a major barrier for people in accessing outpatient services especially when they may have lost driver's licenses because of DWIs.

Over the last 10 years GCASA has embarked on developing satellite clinics at the western and eastern perimeters of both counties. In addition to the main clinic in Batavia in Genesee county, GCASA also operates a satellite clinic which is celebrating its 10 year this month, May, 2009 in LeRoy, and another satellite in Indian Falls.

Likewise, GCASA operates two satellites in addition to its main Orleans County clinic in Albion in Holley and in Medina.

In 2008 these satellites produced the following units of service:

LeRoy = 1,429
Indian Falls = 761
Medina = 703
Holley = 520

All the satellites covered their own expenses except Holley which came close.

Staff who operate in the satellites have to work very independently registering clients, providing clinical services, making the coffee, turning on the heat and lights, etc.

GCASA has excellent counselors in its satellites with Bill Preston in LeRoy, Jim Garber in Indian Falls, Bill Carpenter and now Mike Wright in Medina, and Alan Nersinger in Holley.

The Assistant Director for Treatment in charge of satellites in Genesee County is John Walker and in Orleans County is Kathy Hodgins.

GCASA strives to provide excellent care to its service area and its ability to take services to clients in rural areas is outstanding. We know of no other agency in New York State who has the service delivery strategy as fully developed as GCASA does.

GCASA is proud of its accomplishments and its staff who make it happen.

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