Saturday, May 16, 2009

Drugs kill at Hobart in Geneva, NY

From the Democrat and Chronicle on May 15, 2009

Two Hobart and William Smith Colleges students who supplied alcohol to underage drinkers at a party where a student died are facing a possible one-year sentence.

Bradley T. Hester, 22, and Matthew T. Smalley, 23, both pleaded guilty to first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child in Geneva City Court Thursday. Judge Elisabeth Toole scheduled sentencing for Aug. 6.

Hester and Smalley, both senior lacrosse players at the school, live at 9 Cortland St., Geneva, where they hosted a party for the team on Jan. 30. Hester is from Haymarket, Va. Smalley is from Cumberland, R.I.

Warren Kimber IV, 20, of Summit, N.J., a member of the team, was found dead in Smalley's bedroom at the house on Jan. 31. Kimber died from a combination of alcohol and the pain killer oxycodone. Kimber's blood-alcohol content was 0.29 percent.

There have been 2 college students in the Rochester area who have killed themselves in 2009 so far from alcohol overdoses.

These unnecessary deaths are one of the reasons that GCASA Supports 21 and is opposed to lowering the drinking age. Some of us who daily witness the death, injury, destruction, assault, rape, and ruined lives, jokingly say that the legal drinking age should be raised to 35.

This is article #19 in a series on Drugs Kill.

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Anonymous said...

I understand the horrible deaths that have occurred.
My sense is that the drinking will never go away on a college campus or in any community. Is it possible to promote safe drinking ... for minors and people of legal age? Is there a way to unglorify drinking? Is it the hope of some to promote responsibily by lowering the drinking age back to 18?