Monday, January 25, 2010

Quit drinking, drugging, smoking, gambling and get rich.

Quit drinking, drugging, smoking, gambling and get rich. Check out C.A.S.H.

C.A.S.H. - Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope - is a community coalition led by Empire Justice Center and the United Way of Greater Rochester. C.A.S.H. was established in 2002 to help low-income workers make the most of their money and build stronger financial futures.

C.A.S.H. improves the financial well being of working families by:

Offering free income tax preparation to help eligible families take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit
Offering free one-on-one financial coaching and education
Maximizing financial assets through matched savings accounts, alternatives to predatory lending practices, credit repair, and asset building strategies.
In other words, C.A.S.H. helps working families Get, Keep and Grow their money.


A community coalition providing opportunities to workers with low incomes to obtain, maintain and grow economic assets


Greater Rochester community promotes economic well-being of workers with low incomes
Workers with low incomes understand and take advantage of available asset-building resources
Our neighborhoods are free of predatory financial practices
Low-income communities have a greater economic asset base

Check out C.A.S.H. by clicking here.

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