Monday, January 18, 2010

GCASA saved my life

"When I was still drinking, I couldn't respond to any of life's situations the way other, more healthy, people could. The smallest incident triggered a state of mind that believed I had to have a drink to numb my feelings. But the numbing did not improve the situation, so I sought further escape in the drinking and drugging. Things got worse and I wound up at GCASA. They saved my life by giving my life back to me by teaching me ways to handle things other than by drinking and drugging. I know that sounds like a simple common sense thing, but it is not. It is very hard to an addict. It is like telling a very thirsty person in the desert not to drink water, or someone who hasn't eaten in 3 or 4 days not to eat the bread in front of him. People don't understand addiction if you don't understand the absolute life and death desparation that people feel when they can't obtain their drug of choice.

It's not only Okay to ask for help, it is absolutely life saving in many instances. I know that if I hadn't got the help I obtained, I'd be a dead man now."

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