Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Articles of interest

As is my custom, I was reading the news yesterday with an eye for what might be relevant to the GCASA blog. I found a couple of articles on Yahoo! News dealing with different topics. We should, of course, take what's in these articles with a grain of salt. The fact that I'm posting these links does not mean that I endorse every statement contained in the articles. But the articles do present some interesting things to consider.

Please click here for an article on the decline of marriage rates due to the poor economy. This is relevant, because family life and attachment are significant preventative factors -- the lack thereof being significant risk factors -- for alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

Please click here for an article on Americans' religious awareness. I thought this would be interesting to look at, given the fact that religious faith is a major preventative factor when it comes to ATOD use.


David G. Markham said...

Laura Ricci and her co-workers do a great job coordinating the panel month after month after month.

Special thanks to the volunteer speaks like Brenda VanHorn, and all the others!

Single nonbeliever said...

Yeah, single people can drink without having someone nag them and give them grief so I'm not surprised they drink and drug more.

As far as religion goes? Biggest con game in town. Jack Daniels has done far more for me that Joel Olsteen ever did.