Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GCASA is pioneer in medication supported recovery

This comes from the OASAS update newsletter of 09/27/10:


New York leads the nation in support of individuals who are in recovery from substance use disorders. As part of September’s Recovery Month, OASAS began an initiative for all programs called “Medication Supported Recovery.” With the support of our prevention, treatment and recovery partners: COMPA, ASAP, NAADAC, ATPA, TCA and NAMA, this will enable programs to provide – directly or by referral – the use of addiction medications as treatment options, when appropriate. The OASAS Office of Health, Wellness, and Medical Direction and the Bureau of Treatment, along with Field Office and Technical Assistance Staff are available to assist providers in integrating addiction medications into programs. Resources to help providers move forward with this initiative are available on the OASAS Web site addiction medicine pages.

I am proud to write that GCASA is a pioneer in Medication Supported Recovery. GCASA's Medical Directors and Psychiatrists have provided psychotropic medications to GCASA's clients. We also have been and still are pioneers in using Suboxone for opiate addiction. In addiction, GCASA has been a pioneer in the use of nicotine replacement therapy and beginning 10/01/10 will begin a pilot project with Electronic cigarettes as a nicotine delivery mechanism.

GCASA also works collaboratively with the mental health clinics in both Genesee and Orleans counties and with many private providers in managing the care of our mutual patients.


Anonymous said...

GCASA is a pioneer in so many ways. It sets a high bar for other agencies to strive to achieve.

Thanks be for all the great staff at GCASA!

Ghost of Dr. Bob said...

In my days physicians didn't have the tools they do now a days to help their patients fight addiction. I am impressed that GCASA is on the cutting edge of helping people with addiction through counseling, encouraging AA, and using appropriate medications.

Keep up the good work.

legal drug pusher said...

Instead of drugs do other drugs but only ones the pharmaceutical companies can sell and make a profit off of and GCASA and MDs can charge for prescribing. Sounds like a great racket to me.

Anonymous said...

Taking drugs to get off of drugs.

Hello!!!!!! am I reading this right?

More nonsense from Albany. How screwed up is our state government anyway?????????????????????????