Monday, December 20, 2010

Two 'Batavian' articles of interest

The first one, "One of Batavia's habitual offenders given maximum prison term," was published at 12:39 this afternoon. It covers the recent conviction of the man to whom Howard Owens refers as "(o)ne of Batavia's most persistent criminals."

Michael J. Piasta's attorney pushed for a more lenient sentence than the one that was issued, arguing that the former "never had a chance to be a productive citizen" (Owens' wording). One of the issues is that Piasta's parents both suffered from substance addictions; he himself consumed LSD by accident as a toddler. Judge Robert C. Noonan expressed hope for Piasta's future, but urged him to take advantage of whatever substance abuse programs are available in prison.

Click here for the full article.

On a different (if not lighter) note, the Salvation Army is in need of bell-ringers and/or other services. I'm sure they would very much appreciate whatever help anyone here at GCASA can provide.

For more information, read "Salvation Army's S.O.S.: Got turkey? An extra coat? A few bucks? Can you ring a bell?" by Billie Owens.


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