Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whether they know it or not, Robert Morris staff and students are combatting community disorganization

Robert Morris Elementary School, at 80 Union St. in Batavia, is now 15th in line for a $50,000 Pepsi Refresh grant. I wrote an article on their endeavor for The Batavian, which can be found here, about two and a half weeks ago.

Some of you may have driven by the school a couple nights ago, when the teachers were camped outside in the cold encouraging people to vote. Howard Owens did a piece on this yesterday morning -- click here to read.

The Robert Morris Playground Committee, which is made up of teachers and parents, wants to use the money for playground improvements, including safer and more kid-friendly equipment. They understand that the playground is used by the community as a whole, and they want to make sure that kids and their families have a safe and suitable place to go for recreation.

Joanne Beck of The Daily News reported on the project's voting status in an article that was posted this morning.

I would highly encourage everyone to vote for this project, not least of all because it will serve as a protective factor against harmful behavior among youth.

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