Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aftermaith of addiction for families - Everything Changes by Beverly Conyers

Beverly Conyers has a great new book out entitled, "Everything Changes: Help for Families of Newly Recovering Addicts".)You can find out more by clicking on the book in the My Favorities section on the side bar.)

It has been a better known idea in the last couple of decades that substance abuse is a family disease. There is a lot of literature aind self help books on how to cope with an active addict and how to help the addict get treatment, but there is less literature on how to live with an addict after he/she becomes abstinent.

It is a terrible and tragic thing to live with addiction, but it is sometimes just as difficult to live with the aftermath and there often is less support since people are so relieved and jubilent that abstinence has occurred. But for loved ones huge problems remain and continue, and for the addict as well.

I recommend Conyers book to you and we will be describing some of the issues and concerns in dealing with ther aftermath of addiction in articles that follow for the rest of July on GCASA Cares blog.

This is article #14 in a series on s.bstance abuse a Family Disease.

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