Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marijuana use drops significantly in Genesee county from 2000 - 2008

I am looking at the Prevention Needs Assessment Data and it is very interesting. I will be presenting it in a series of articles over the next couple of weeks.

GCASA administers what is called a Prevention Needs Assessment in all public schools in Genesee County between grades 6 and 12 every two years. The PNA is also administerd to Notre Dame High School. This data is collected every two years.

In 2000 25.7% of 11th graders in Genesee County reported that they had used marijuana in the previous 30 days.

In 2002, the rate dropped to 24%,
in 2004, to 21.6%,
in 2006, 16.6%,
and in 2008, 15.9%.

In 8 years that is a drop from 25.7% of kids to 15.9%.

How do you account for the change?

This is article #2 in a series on Prevention Statistics.

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