Sunday, April 25, 2010

On August 15, 2010, Leandra's law will require alcohol sensor interlock devices installed on cars of DWI offenders and their family

There is a very interesting article in the April 20, 2010 issue of The Daily News about how Leandra's law will affect Genesee County. As of August 15, 2010 people convicted of DWI will not only have to have interlock alcohol sensors installed in their vehicle but on any other vehicle in their household which they could have access to.

An interlock device has an alcohol sensor on it. Anyone who attempts to start a interlock-equipped vehicle has to blow into the device to test for alcohol on his breath; the car won’t start if alcohol is detected.

The major issue is that the law specifies that all drivers convicted of DWI, not limited to Leandra’s Law violators, have to have interlock equipment installed on their own vehicles for a minimum of six months. It also applies to any other automobiles to which they have access, such as a car owned by a spouse or grown child.

Ciaccia is coordinator of the county’s STOP DWI program. The county averages about 300 DWI arrests per year.

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The Batavian has supplied more extensive coverage. For the full story, click here