Monday, April 5, 2010

When people with substance abuse problems have childfren what happens to the kids?

Of the 1050 people admitted to GCASA treatment and residential programs in 2009, 561 or 53% had children.

Only 218 or the people admitted or 21% had children living with them.

31 people admitted or 3% had children living in foster care.

Implications for services:

1. It is very clear from these statistics that substance abuse is, indeed, a family disease.

2. Of the people admitted for treatment who have children only a third of them have their children living with them, meaning that their children are being cared for by someone else. Some of these are being cared for by the Counties in Foster Care.

3. Family services such as parenting, family therapy, and reunification services are not funded and rarely provided even though there is a huge need.

4. At GCASA, like most substance abuse agencies, we do provide services to Children of Substance Abusers through our prevention programs knowing that these children are at high risk for substance abuse problems themselves.

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