Thursday, February 4, 2010

2009 GCASA Admissions Data - Who is your neighbor?

In rude comments left on articles in the Daily News about GCASA's operations, accusations fly that GCASA brings in drunks and druggies from other counties to prey on the good citizens of Genesee County.

How about some facts for the Xenophobes?

Out of the 606 2009 admissions to the GCASA clinic 552 or 91.1% were homegrown, came from right here in Genesee County. Okay, 17 out of the 606 or 2.8% came from Erie County, and 16 out of 606 or 2.6% came from Wyoming County, and 10 or 1.7% came from Orleans County, but the great majority or 9 out of 10 came from right here.

Most social agencies who deal with stigmatized populations have to deal with prejudiced people who play the MIMBY game (Not In My Back Yard). But what happens when the stigmatized people are already in you backyard? Hell, they are probably living in your house, or in your neighborhood, or going to your church, or working at your work place?

The GCASA treatment clinic and satelittes in Batavia, Indian Falls, and LeRoy are serving just who they are intended to serve, our family, friends, and neighbors. Once in a while we also serve the stranger, but isn't that what good people do?

So, I would hope that the Xenophobes would reconsider their attitudes, and certainly recognize that GCASA serves it community with pride, humility, and dedication. You should be happy that there is place to turn when the person suffering from a substance abuse disorder is your child, your parent, your spouse, your niece, your nephew, your cousin, aunt or uncle, or best friend.

My favorite buttons reads, "Reality is when it happens to you."

This is article #4 in a series on 2009 GCASA admissions data.

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