Saturday, February 27, 2010

State Trooper George Cameron wins award for DWI arrests in Madison County

From the Oneida Daily Dispatch on 02/24/10:

Of the 365 driving while intoxicated arrested made in Madison County last year, New York State Trooper George Cameron was responsible for making 30.

For the second year in a row, Cameron, stationed out of the Sullivan Troopers office, was awarded the Karl Taylor Award at the 22nd annual Law Enforcement Day Luncheon.

The award is handed out each year to the law enforcement officer with the most DWI arrests in honor of former Madison County Deputy Sheriff Karl Taylor, who handled more than 950 DWI arrests in his 21 years of service.

The good work of our law enforcement officers have made New York State the safest state in the United States to drive in as far as DWI fatalities are concerned.

Thanks to Trooper Cameron and all the other police officers who do a great job every day keeping our roads safe.

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