Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GCASA and the OASAS Scorecard

The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (OASAS) has developed a new scorecard which provides measurements on 13 indicators. The only information individual agencies have on how agencies score is their own scores and the state average.

So how did GCASA do compared to the state averages?

GCASA had four programs rated:

The Batavia Clinic
The Orleans Clinic
The Atwater Community Residence
The Supportive Living program.

On almost all indicators GCASA performed as well, and usually, better than the state average.

For example on the indicator % of discontinued use which is the indicator most people ask about first as in "How many people quit drinking and drugging because of treatment at GCASA?"

In the Batavia Clinic program 90% of patients discontinue use as compared to the state average of 70%.

In the Orleans Clinic it was 91%.

On the indicator of maintaining or improving employment the Batavia Clinic had 51% as compared to 49% statewide, and the Orleans Clinic had 54%.

On the indicator of reduction in 6 month arrests, in Batavia the reduction was 48% compared to the state rating of 41%, and in Orleans County it was 68% compared to 41%.

GCASA is proud of its patients, its staff, its community partners who all work together for superior treatment results.

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