Sunday, February 21, 2010

College kids drink more than their age-related non-college peers

Volume 22, Number 6 of the NIDA notes has an article which discusses studies which appeared in the Archives of General Psychiatry and the Journal Of Adolescent Health which found that college students abuse alcohol more often than their same age non-college peers but that non-college peers were more likely to use drugs, smoke cigarettes, not use condoms, engage in casual sex, and reported high risk sex.

The article goes on to say that these differences seem more related to sociodemographic factors rather than education. It also found that non-college kids with substance abuse problems were twice as likely to use treatment resources than college students.

It seems that binge drinking is more a part of the college culture than among kids who don't go to college, but non-college kids engage in other risk behaviors at higher rates than their college peers.

This is article #2 on Underage Drinking.

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