Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OASAS official says that OASAS would look unfavorably on GCASA giving its employees a 2% raise in 2010

OASAS official on 12/04/09 - "OASAS would look unfavorably on GCASA giving raises next year."

Average salary of the of 82 out 93 GCASA employees who make under $40,000.00 per year in 2009 is $26,500.00

Amount of a 2% raise for an employee making $26,500.00 = $530.00

Increase in employee share of single premium health insurance in 2010 = $660.00 per year.

Increase in employee share of family health insurance premium in 2010 = $2,076.00 per year.

Cost of health insurance for a GCASA employee with the family health plan making $26,500 = 26% of employee's salary.

What to do?

GCASA board voted to give 2% raises in 2010 at the Executive Director's recommendation in spite of what OASAS officials say.

David Markham, Executive Director of GCASA, said that most GCASA employees are already working for poverty wages and have one of the poorest benefit packages of any not-for-profit according to a not-for-profit survey of 72 agencies in Western New York done by Dopkins & Company, a Certified Public Accounting firm. The State has also cut out the Cost Of Living increase for 2010 so not-for-profit substance abuse employees will fall even further behind. "OASAS seems not to know or not to care that employees in its not-for-profit licensed programs are suffering due to financial stress. A recent poll by CNN Business found that substance abuse counselor is the 13th worst job out of 50 listed in the United States. Social Worker is number one. GCASA employs both. You would think there would be more assistance and understanding from OASAS."

Most of GCASA's employees have Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. Many have a hard time paying back their school loans because of their low salaries.

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