Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanks to multiple efforts DWI deaths are down in most states including New York

Drunk driving deaths are down but still way too many.

Last year, 11,773 people died nationally in crashes involving a driver whose blood alcohol level was 0.08 or higher. That represented a 9.7 percent decrease compared with 2007.

DUI deaths also declined in Pennsylvania, from 504 in 2007 to 496 last year. Those deaths made up 34 percent of crash fatalities in the state.

New York State had 340 DWI fatalities in 2008. GCASA working with law enforcement, the courts, the District Attorney, the Drug Free Communities Coalitions and the public at large will all take credit for saving significant lives.

In the 80s, 40,000 people a year were being killed across the country in drunk driving crashes. To learn that the number is now down to 12,000 is cause for great celebration and joy. Now lets close the gap and eliminate the other 12,000!

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