Monday, October 20, 2008

OASAS Statewide Comprehensive Plan acknowledges that there are significant concerns about healh insurers denial of claims

In the first part of the OASAS Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2008-2012 there is a section on public input. It is noted on p. 6 of the plan that there were what the plan describes as "significant concerns" about health insurers denying claims for treatment for insured patients. Here is what the plan says:

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It certainly has been the experience at GCASA that "managed benefits" have made it very difficult not only for clients to access care but for counselors to develop and implement a service plan without taking into consideration how the needed services will be paid for. Counselors often spend more time brokering benefits with insurance companies than they do providing clinical services for their clients. This type of micro managing of benefits is extremely costly to the system.

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