Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OASAS Statewide Comprehensive Plan reviews history of services by sex

In Chapter II of the OASAS Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2008-2012 entitled "System Overview" there is a bar chart on page 9 which displays the admissions to OASAS licensed program across New York State by sex. In general about 75% of patients treated for substance abuse problems are male and 25% are female.

In out patient treatment the ratio is 72% male, 28% female, and in residential services it is 77% to 23%.

In 2007, 27% of GCASA's 1,159 admissions were female in its outpatient and residential programs combined which is higher than the state average. I believe the reason for this may be that GCASA has specialized services for women and try to deliver substance abuse services in a gender competent way appreciating the unique differences in needs between males and females.

This is article #8 in a series on the OASAS State Comprehensive Plan 2008 - 2010.

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