Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Salvation Army in Genesee County soliciting applications for Christmas Assistance

There was an article in The Daily News on Monday, October 27, 2008 announcing that the Salvation Army in Genesee County is accepting applications for Christmas Assistance now through November 28, 2008. I was shocked to read that 700-800 applications are expected.

Here is the article that was in The Daily News.

Click on image to enlarge for easier reading.

GCASA has worked closely with the Salvation Army over the years volunteering to provide bell ringers for their kettle drive, arranging for Atwater clients to volunteer at the Salvation Army doing a variety of tasks, and being mutually collaborative in a wide variety of ways. This year GCASA gave the leadership award to Major Leonard Boynton at the Salvation Army for all the good work done in our community.

I am hoping that GCASA employees will support some families this Christmas through the Salvation Army as we did last year.

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