Saturday, April 11, 2009

58 drug dealers arrested in Genesee County in 2008

The Daily News reported on 04/06/09 on the Genesee County Sheriff's 2008 report. Sheriff Maha reported that drug related arrests increased signficantly in 2008 when the department made 58 arrests as compared to 32 in 2007.

Here is a snippet from the Daily News article:

Drug Task Force activity increased significantly in 2008. Officers made 58 drug-related arrests, up from 32 the previous year. Task force officers also initiated 81 cases, up from 55 in 2007.

To read the rest of the Daily News article, click here.

GCASA applauds Sheriff Maha, his deputies, and the other police agencies in Genesee County in enforcing the law and decreasing the supply of illegal drugs in Genesee County.

This is article #4 in series on drug dealers.

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