Saturday, April 4, 2009

Drug Prevention Rap Song!!!

Trauma victims can never be fully healed from their pain.
The memories of helplessness drive them insane.
So Don't be a victim of society.
Raise your hands, Raise your hands ,
It's time to be free.
So if you truly want recovery,
Then get up here & shake it with me.

See, we don't want your marajuana
makes ya look act & think like a bum.
& then you'll grow up & do bad in school , & believe me kids that ain't cool.

Now I just hope you kids appreciate yourselfs more than that
cause a lady wants a man with style.
Who's got A car nice & clothes to match & a wallet thats really fat!!!

The same holds true for those sell this poison to, See, cocaines a drug that will drive any man insane. But , those that sell it for financial gain are really the ones most at fault to blame. They spread this disease like gas onto a fire causing a exsplosion that cannot be matched.
So, start taking command of all you do, before cocaine makes a slave of you.
So stop!!! Everybody, Look & Listen, I got something to say, which I hold true, I hate drugs, I hate what they do they corrupt the body,the mind & the soul if you believe in that & I'm on a mission Don't you understand to stop all drugs from polluting our town from the filth & corruption that thses drug dealers breed I aim to destroy it for I know its pain.
So remeber that 1 thing called life that we all hold on to.
& thats the freedom to live life as we choose, But remember you only got this 1 shot, so loose it or loose it but thats all you got. So why not use it to rise to the top!!!
the freedom to do with our lifes the way that we want to,


David G. Markham said...

Hi Tim:

Great Rap! I'd like to hear it spoken.

All the best,

David Markham

Harsh Shukla said...

Really nice rap song i have heard it parents will like this who want their kids and teens to prevent drugs and will get few help for troubled teens

tristan said...

your rap sucked that wasnt even a rap that was like a crapy speach that was terrable i am all obout rap i no litteraly every song and that stank hard