Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cigarette use by Genesee County 11th graders drops from 35% to 12.8% in 8 years.

This morning, Tuesday, 04/28/09, Smoke Free NOW sponsored its annual recognition breakfast at Terry Hills Party House in Batavia, NY and it was well attended with over 100 people.

Rick Stoddard gave an inspiring talk about erradicating tobacco from our society. He began his crusade after his wife Marie died from cancer at age 46. You can learn more about Rick by clicking here.

In reviewing our Prevention Needs Assessment data at GCASA, I noticed that the percentage of 11th graders who reported smoking cigarettes in the previous 30 days in 2000 was 35%. In 2008, it was 12.8%. What do you make of this tremendous drop by 2/3rds in the last 8 years?

I have my own ideas, but for now I am more interested in yours. Please leave a comment about what you think is going on.

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