Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hi first let me introduce myself my name is timothy c costanzo and I would like to all the counselors, case managers & of course my counselor shannon.
I would also like to include John Bennett David Markham & the other boss with go-tee!!!
Sorry, forgot name.

Even though I was outrageously difficult at first I Finally saw the rainbow & as it looms it specrtal glare oh so high up in the air, it was if god was saying to me, oh tim, this is the place to be, where you can help your fellow man & also get the help you need.
So, from early 2007 until this very day I've made it through the tough times & now brighter things have come my way. Like being invited to be a author on "GCASA CARES "& to others that might be small but to me its a huge accomplishment there.

Overall, there areonly 3 main types of victimization:
They are as follows;

1.When we Victimize Ourselves.

2.When were Victimized by others.

3.When we are victimized by the govermental systems that are in actuality supposed to protect & service us.

However the worst type of victimization I have ever seen is the faces of helplessness & despair & unfortunately I used to wake up to those 2 faces every single day throught the year.
Filled with uneasy sense of forbodding & ongoing fear.
Ya know some people smoke & have fun getting high as they say, YEE AAH YIPPY I YIPPY A!!!
&They said, you want some this stuff its really wacked?
I say no thats ok I'm already wacked for today!!!

But, ever since the day I was a victim, & I accepted it into my heart where the pain was just too great to bare when it slowly ripped my life apart &took what wasn't there?
So would I havebeen more of a man if I fought harder against their evil plot?
Because of my weakness and my inability to act & defend my soul & body that was justifiably mine from their acts of brutality. Therefore, Everytime I look in the mirror I feel as though I'm a victim of my own weakness for not taking back control & I believe this a faulty error of the human mind for when people experience trauma I know that have states where they think its another place or time.
So don't let this rash of anger get underneath your skin because if you do then it will eat away at you like a disease which cannot be overcome. The only medication for it is forgivness 101.

So, let me ask you this simple question, "HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU WANT TO BE SOCIETYS VICTIM?" Now before you answer this question please just take the time to ponder it's meaning both to you and those around you?
Then after you've answered that question both honestly & faithfully to yourself In your heart!

Then & only then will you truly know the answer to that one final question in the beginning.

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David G. Markham said...

Hi Tim:

I am very sorry for what happened to you. I am glad you have found a way to turn your trauma and tragedy into compassion and help and hope for others.

I am very gratified to read you voice on GCASA Cares. I hope that it is a help to you to write and share and to others who have the opportunity to learn from your experience and support.

All the best, and with many thanks,

David Markham