Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hello, again & good morning just a brief note from yesterday I wasn't able to finish my whole piece so here it is in the words of my written hand.

I'm, General-Dok -Psykosis M.D.
The world is both ours to take & recieve
This just part of the miracle of life that I believe.
So, my freinds I invite you on a journey for all
the world to see. Which is, a world, which could
eventually be, A paradise of hope.
Which could set our people free!!!

We could free them from their abusers.
We could free them from their pain.
We could free them from a world thats
gone partially insane.

So, if you want to witness to others,
about what its like to finally be free from the
ongoing pain.
Then come & join us & volunteer
We have no liquor but we have pain
we just restructure it to a more benficial gain.

Always remember, Alone we are weak
but together we are strong. for we are
sculptors of our lives made from the worlds clay.
Will you make a future free from all the sin or would
you rather take your chances & fall into the pit again.

This battle will last forever between drugs & the
Human mind, But the war will be won by those who
take benefit from time.

So unleash all your passions & make your dreams
come true because if I could do it you can do it.

& with that I say, adew;


1 comment:

David G. Markham said...


Great poem.

Thanks for posting.

Drugs are a mood altering experience. When the mood is dysphoric, a person is looking for relief, and/or a high. There are better way to alter one's mood without the negative consequences. As you, as a poet demonstrate, poetry is one great way.

All the best,

David Markham