Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is for all the victi ms of the world out there like me ?
We've SURVIVED all the pain & lifes brash cruelties.
But now comes the real test, which is to have the faith & commitments
to make yourself whole & isn't that the real test of the mankinds soul?

Use the power from your trauma & the trauma from your pain
to fuel your passions burning for true justice to be done.
Regardless of their excuses, Regardless of their lies,
So, I will give you this one chance to make your future choice,
Despite the years of death & tears which caused us so much pain.

So why don't cha stand up & take back control!
Don't let them chastize you, ridicule you, or even abuse you, or cast an evil smile, & say no, no, no, oh, thats not welcome here.
So, then as I grabbed his bottle in my hand & headed toward the door , one of my freinds put on a blues record called "GET ON OUT"!!!

Therefore use your will your heart willguide you like a uneasy feeling that just nerever goe away. So to all be ready for you never know when the next test could come.
But, know I have in you regardless of what you've done cause Used to be & I to remember it wasn't any fun.

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