Friday, February 13, 2009

29% of GCASA's 2008 admissions are female - Women's issues in substance abuse treatment

In 2008, out of GCASA's 1094 admissions,71% of admissions or 778/1094 were male, and29% of admissions or 316/1094 were female.

These percentages have stayed pretty much the same since 1996 when the Welfare To Work reform act went into effect and screening for substance abuse problems became required for welfare applications. Prior to that time female admissions were under 20%.

There is a great deal of practice wisdom and some research literature which shows that women need specialized services to be successful in substance abuse treatment. GCASA provides specialized treatment for women. For more information contact Norma Miller, LMHC, CASAC, GCASA's Batavia clinic women's specialist at 585-815-1846, and Kathy Hodgins, BSW, CASAC in the Albion Clinic at 585-589-0055 and Bev Maniace, CASAC, Director of Residential Services at 585-815-1886.

To read more about women's issues in substance abuse treatment click here.

This is article #6 in series on 2008 GCASA admission data.

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