Monday, February 9, 2009

In 2008, 6% of GCASA's admissions involved in Child Protective Services.

In 2008 GCASA had 1,094 admissions to its treatment programs. Of these 1,094 admissions, 66, or 6% were involved in Child Protective Services at the time of the admission.

According to the NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 2/3rds of patients in drug abuse treatment say that they were abused as children.

A report on the Connect For Kids web site says the following:

Studies by the Child Welfare League of America and other organizations have found that substance abuse is a factor in at least 75% of all placements in out-of-home care. Eighty percent of states now report that parental abuse of alcohol or drugs is one of the two most common problems in families reported for child maltreatment.

GCASA collaborates in a unique program with Genesee and Livingston Counties teaming substance abuse professionals with Child Protective Workers. Jim Morasco is the laison with Genesee County, 585-344-2589, x6731, and Kathy Cecere in Livingston County at 585-243-7300, x7429.

This is article #2 in a series on 2008 GCASA Admissions Data.

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