Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Royal Employer Services, GCASA's EAP, meets real needs of employees in Western New York

GCASA's Employee Assistance Program provides counseling and training services for employers in Western New York.

It is well documented that employee personal problems due to family problems, depression, substance abuse, contribute to an increase in absentism, accidents, spoilage, tardiness, and poor performance. An employer having a readily available service available to employees can help them address their problems with support in a more effective way so that they concentrate again on their jobs.

In 2008, GCASA's Employer Services had contracts to provide EAP services to over 26 different employers including some of the biggest employers in Genesee and Orleans Counties as such government employees of the Counties of Genesee, Orleans, and Wyoming, as well as employees of Genesee Community College, Medina Memorial Hospital, and the ARCs of both Genesee and Orleans Counties.

You can find out more about Royal Employer Services by clicking here.

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