Saturday, February 21, 2009

Overlap of Recovery volunteers and substance abuse professionals - What's the story?

In early February, 2009, Social Work Student, Deirdre Drohan Forbes went to the board meeting of Friends Of Recovery - NY in Albany, NY and she writes of her experience on her blog Midlife Musings and My Second Career. It is interesting reading that raises many interesting questions about the relationship between the growing recovery movement and the professional substance abuse field.

I recommend her article to you and you can access it by clicking here.

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John Bennett said...

The good the bad and the ugly. Good treatment needs to involve the recovery community. We are lucky enough to have a case manager in our organization that can assist patients and their families with wrap around services. I think recovery coaches as part of a multi discplinary team would be a good approach to connecting patients to the recovery community.

Stand alone recovey homes are a good idea in theory, but are often run by individuals with bad practices and poor boundries. The volunteers in these recovery homes have little to no supervision and rely on their own experiences in recovery to help others...this can get ugly as boundries erode quickly and good meaning people do harmful things. I sit on the OASAS credentialling board and we see many ethical compliants about CASAC's working in these recovery homes. It would great to find a way to elimate the bad and the ugly as I beleive our patients would benefit from having recovery coaches to assist them in their transition to the community post treatment.