Thursday, February 26, 2009

Celebrity DWIs #3 - NFL Hall of Famer, Carl Eller

CBS News reported on 2/24/09 that NFL Hall of Famer, Carl Eller, was sentenced to 60 days for DWI. Here's the report:

A National Football League hall of famer is going to be spending time behind bars. Former Minnesota Vikings great Carl Eller Monday was sentenced to 60 days in the Hennepin County workhouse for driving while intoxicated and assault. That assault involved an altercation with a couple of police officers who followed Eller to his home last April after observing his erratic driving.After getting out of the workhouse, which is an adult corrections facility, Eller will be have 60 days of electronic home monitoring. He’ll also have to get chemical dependency treatment and pay a three-thousand dollar fine.In announcing the sentence Monday, Judge Dan Mable ordered Eller immediately taken into custody.

This is article #3 in a series on Celebrity DWI.

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