Friday, February 6, 2009

GCASA had 1094 admissions to its programs in 2008.

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GCASA had 138 more admissions in 2006 than it did in 2005 which is an increase of 12%.

GCASA had 589 more admissions in 2006 than it did in 1999 which is an increase of 107% in the last 7 years.

GCASA had 18 more admissions in 2007 than it did in 2006 with the biggest increase in the Orleans County clinic. Overall, it appears that the number of admissions is stabilizing around 1,150 per year after significant increases since 1999.

GCASA had 65 fewer admissions in 2008 than it did in 2007. The system is stabilizing around 1,100 admissions per year. Without additional resources or expanded service areas or new service products, it is expected that admissions will continue around this 1,100 level.

This is article #1 in a series on 2008 GCASA Admission data.

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David G. Markham said...

GCASA has a high level of care both in quanity and quality. Having gone through a recent re-licensing review yesterday you would never know it though from the reviewers exit interview. They focus strictly on documentation is medical records. And if forms are late, or not dated when signed the agency gets demerits as if this had anything to do with quality care.

The emphasis at OASAS unfortunately is on treating records not patients and it skews the whole treatment system in an unhealthy direction. Then they have the imperviousness to wonder why CASACs are leaving the field.

There are some serious problems in the system and whether Karen Capenter-Palumbo, the Commissioner of OASAS and her staff can improve their quality assurance strategies remains yet to be seen.

Based on my experience yesterday, they have a long way to go.

David Markham, L.C.S.W.